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Upcoming Promotions – February


Consider these buying cards for your everyday use – the grocery store, gas station…  Our next order date is February 21st.  Like Boston Pizza?  It is one of the promotions in February – time to stock up.  Like to read?  Indigo and Coles are featured as well.  How about buying a card for a favourite grandchild..or yourself?

FundScrip Program

FundScrip is a fundraising program here at the Lambeth United. It encompasses the purchase of gift cards for major retailers and a rebate is paid back to the church. In a nutshell, by using pre-bought gift cards for some of your regular purchases, the program will give money back to Lambeth United Church!  How effective is FundScrip?  Collectively we have earned $17,136.77 since we joined the program.  We thank everyone who has participated and recognize the Mayo, Sullivan, Polgar, King/LUC , Pickering and Van Belois families who have each topped the $1,000.00 figure that their collective 470+ orders have earned totalling just over $8,678.85.  Every card helps – think of those ‘prayer miles’ you are earning.

There are two order forms available:

Check out the FundSrcip website for more information: FundScrip