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 “End of Life Doula” – Session 1   

If you missed this – listen to the recording of Paul Pickering’s presentation.  See the PowerPoint slides.

Speakers:  Jayne Dill & Paul Pickering    

Themes: Medical Power of Attorney, Wills, Financial Planning

How to talk to your family about your wishes.

“End of Life Doula” – Session 2

Speaker:  Jayne Dill

Theme:  The Trust About What Palliative Care Really Is.  Listen to the recording.

“End of Life Doula” – Session 3

Themes: Bill of Rights for dying persons – determine goals, values & priorities
MAID (Medical Assistance in Death) & DNR (Do not Resuscitate)

– What does that mean?
Morphine & pacemakers
Disposition – home, hospice, hospital

“End of Life Doula” – Session 4

Theme: Funerals and ‘end of life’ legalities.  Missed it?  Listen here.

“End of Life Doula” – Session 5

Theme:  Loss, Grief and After Grief.  Listen here.

“End of Life Doula” – Session 6

Wrap Up.  Listen here.



Breakfast Series

Our last speaker, Becky Allen delighted and informed us about the Power of Creativity.  Watch for details of our next session.



Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 p.m. – POSTPONED

Speaker: Jay Stanford, City of London

  • Recycling
  • The Orange Bag Pilot Project
  • Proposed Green Bin Program
  • Climate Change



Lois’s latest project

The last one was Marilyn and Lois collecting baking supplies for L’Arche Thursday Cafe.  Open to the public for coffee, tea, goodies and lunch.  The clients do all the cooking and serving themselves.  They needed: white flour, gluten-free flour, sugar, cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Stay tuned for details of Lois’s new project.  Thanks to Marilyn for the good work – well deserving of a rest.

Line Dancing Classes

Come out on Thursdays between 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. – cost $5.00.

From the United Church of Canada

Explore the new Broadview Magazine – formerly  the United Church Observer.

‘We Are Still Here’

Three elders from Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, and the Bjekwanong First Nation on Walpole Island, share their memories of surviving residential schools. Produced by the Right Relations Group of Lambton Presbytery, United Church of Canada.  Watch.

A Song of Faith

adopted in 2006, seeks to provide a verbal picture of what The United Church of Canada understands its faith to be in the historical, political, social, and theological context of the early 21st century. It is also a means of ongoing reflection and an invitation for the church to live out its convictions in relation to the world in which we live.  Read…

“Ageless Grace” Exercise Program

This is a seated fitness and wellness routine for people aged 55 and over.  It will not only provide you with a good but not too strenuous exercise routine but will be lots of fun as well. The cost is $2.00 per person per session to defray our costs.  Remember – our auditorium is air conditioned for the summer months.

Community Activity Board & Upcoming Events

LUC’s Communications & Marketing Committee is pleased to offer the use of our non-digital outdoor sign for use by local not-for-profit groups to assist is advertising their upcoming events.  Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Promotions – 

Stay tuned but don’t get too accustomed to using your debit/credit card – we will be back!

Our next order date will be ???. Consider these buying cards for your everyday use.

FundScrip Program

FundScrip is a fundraising program here at the Lambeth United. It encompasses the purchase of gift cards for major retailers and a rebate is paid back to the church. In a nutshell, by using pre-bought gift cards for some of your regular purchases, the program will give money back to Lambeth United Church!  How effective is FundScrip?  Collectively we have earned $17,136.77 since we joined the program.  We thank everyone who has participated and recognize the Mayo, Sullivan, Polgar, King/LUC , Pickering and Van Belois families who have each topped the $1,000.00 figure that their collective 470+ orders have earned totalling just over $8,678.85.  Every card helps – think of those ‘prayer miles’ you are earning.

There are two order forms available:

Check out the FundSrcip website for more information: FundScrip

United Church Charitable Gift Annuities

United Church Charitable Gift Annuities allow you to dream a hopeful dream of surprising things. Below is a document with more information and some examples based on today’s rates.

United Church Charitable Gift Annuities