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The parishioners of Lambeth United Church are saddened to say ‘goodbye’ to their beloved minister of 16 years, Matthew Penny. Matthew is heading off into retirement at the end of May, after 40 years in the ministry.

Matthew and his wife Carol both hail from New Brunswick.  Matthew worked his way through university by being managing director of Radio Station CHSR in Fredericton. Then, he worked as a technician with the CBC in Halifax while studying for his Master of Divinity degree from the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax. Following that, he was ordained to the ministry of the United Church of Canada in May of 1981.

From Halifax, Matthew and Carol headed west, where they served a couple of postings in Saskatchewan. However, the 90 continuous days of -30C weather convinced the couple, with a new baby, to move to the warmer clime of Southwestern Ontario. There, they first served in the Romney charge near Wheatley. Then, in 1989 they moved on to Hyde Park United Church in London; followed by a move in 1993 to Central United Church in St. Thomas. Finally, for the past 16 years Matthew has served our faith community at Lambeth United Church, where he has become the church’s much loved minister. Matthew has commented that it was always their intention to move back home to New Brunswick, but the warmth and thoughtfulness of the people of Lambeth convinced them to stay put. Matthew has stated that they chose Lambeth because it seemed to be a good mix of village and city life and the people of the church were known for their kindness and faith filled actions.  For many years previously, Matthew had often driven by the church with the ‘lit up cross’ and was intrigued. 

While in the London area, Matthew spent 29 years on the United Church’s London Conference communications committee. As part of that, he was the creator, host and producer of the TV show known as Life & Faith on CTV2 for 24 years. His most cherished show was filmed at the Allen farm one Christmas, with John P. Allen performing on his violin and all the Allen family gathered in the cozy warm space of the old Allen homestead. 

Matthew has stated that he and Carol will have fond memories of their time in Lambeth, with the fun social times at coffee hour after the Sunday church service, where the frequent excuses for cake often found a reason for some sort of celebration. He says that he will always remember the many family connections made from social gatherings, baptisms, weddings and even funerals. He has loved serving the community and the many relationships he has made over the years.

As we search for a new minister to fill the large footprint that Matthew has left, we at Lambeth United wish Matthew and Carol many years of happiness and health as they head off into their retirement. Because of the Covid shutdown, there will not be an opportunity to hold a retirement reception at the church. Therefore, a DRIVE-BY send off is planned for June 6th, after the ‘stay at home’ order has been lifted.  On that  Sunday, the DRIVE-Bay will take place between 2:00 and 4:00 PM at the McFARLANE & ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME (2240 Wharncliffe Rd S). Please enter and exit from the Hamlyn St. entrance at the rear as the Wharncliffe Road entrance will be blocked. The church would like to thank Michael and Rhonda Stevenson from McFarlane & Roberts for their generosity in providing their facilities for this event.

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