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A brief history of Lambeth United Church

The Methodist church was the first group to hold regular services in the settlement of Lambeth. Over the years there were built, three buildings on the current site. One, a little frame structure, was replaced by a brick structure in the early years of the 20th century. Then, when that building was destroyed by fire in the early 1950s a new modern building replaced it. Now the structure is modern, has an elevator with bright airy offices.

The current building occupies ground just north of the corner of Colonel Talbot Road and Main street.

Lambeth as a community was annexed into the city of London in the early 1990s. However the community has not lost it’s independent feeling. There is new housing being built on the north side of the hamlet. However, there is little multi-family housing and for the main, single family houses are the norm.

Lambeth continues to be a “lovely” community where the feeling of being a community is very strong.


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