About Us

A brief history of Lambeth United Church

There has been a church on the site of Lambeth United for a very long time. In all those years, the people, the building and the community have all changed. What has stayed the same, is the search for faith.
Here, now, we in the Lambeth United community know we are not perfect. Human tendencies exist wherever humans gather. What we do, is acknowledge our imperfections and stay on a path, a journey together to seek faith. And, that faith is what gives rise to the many missions we accomplish.
Being a congregation means exploring all aspects of faith all the time. We look at the Bible, we reflect on the needs of the community around us and the world. We ask questions that perhaps others won’t because nothing in faith can be taken for granted. There has to be debate.  So, all that said, just up from the corner of Main Street and Colonel Talbot is a place where you are invited to explore the questions of your faith, as you wish, or maybe as your soul needs.
Always remember, you do not walk alone. You walk with other faith seekers and searchers and travelers on a really interesting journey.