Lambeth United Church

“Where the feeling of Being a community is very strong.”

4268 Colonel Talbot Road, London, Ontario N6P 1A2
10:30 Morning Worship & Sunday School
Staffed Nursery available during Worship

Minister: Rev. Matthew Penny
Youth Co-ordinator: Rebecca Allen
Church Secretary: Judy King
Parish Nurse: Jan Linner
Organist: Alan Davidson                                                                                                                                     

Accessibility – Please enter at the north side of the church off of Beattie Street to access our lift.





Many people think that the song, “One Pair of Hands,” is a lost Elvis song. It is not. It was recorded by the Elvis Impersonator,Carroll Roberson.  Here is Mr. Roberson’s version as posted on YouTube..


We will be posting Lenten Meditations on our YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to YouTube and then to the LUC channel so you know when new ones are posted.  Alternatively, you can reach the LUC channel on our ‘Links’ page.

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We will be posting a new Sunday Worship service each week at about 10 AM on Sundays. This will also be on our YouTube channel. The bulletin, so you can follow along and participate, will be posted here as a PDF file.

SERVICE – Sunday, March 22nd

SERVICE – Sunday, March 29th

Another Word from the Minister:
Hello everyone:
The crisis continues. The shut down of so much of our society has caused a great deal of angst and sometimes, anger. At first, being at home seemed for some like a welcome relief.  At first, people talked about a time to escape the hectic pace of life and to be ‘safe’ at home. The isolation, when people are social animals, is an idea that is wearing thin. What do we do?


The best response to a difficult time, a difficult set of choices is careful thought. We must think about the results of our actions. This in itself has always been good advice. People should always be considering how what one does, results in effects not just on the self, but on others as well. Think about not only what you may say, in Facebook or Twitter posts, also in what you say to someone in a text and on the phone. All of those interactions will leave a lasting impression. Our best foot forward, is to think and make every action, every word, leave a good and lasting impression.
As you know, the Premier of Ontario has ordered the closing of all non-essential spaces and businesses. As a result, churches were closed. However, we can still contact the office, the minister and other staff through the church website and on the Facebook page. The mailbox
outside has been used by those who slip by when no one is around and put a message and often, a donation. The Council will be meeting – virtually of course – soon to look at the future of the financial health of the congregation. There will be more about that later.


For now, meditations will continue to be posted on Tuesday and Thursday. The Sunday worship is being maintained with a YouTube posting on each and every Sunday. Links will be here on the Website and on the church Facebook page. I encourage you to subscribe so that you will be notified when a new posting is ‘up.’


And finally, continue to be in touch with each other. Continue to send jokes, cartoons messages to your friends both within the congregation and those who are beyond and around the world. Hunker down. Stay at home as much as possible. And pray. Pray for your church, your country, your world. Pray for the patience and courage that is so needed right now. I pray for
you. I pray that God will help us all and that we will be a stronger, more loving, and more caring people when this crisis ends. And, it will end. Be assured, the curve will flatten. The books about Covid-19 will be written, and all kinds of people will complain. But we will be there to listen then, pray then as we do now. Be at peace – wash your hands!


God bless you all.
Matthew Penny

Minute for Mission –

Protecting a Child’s Rights

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo was 13 years old when he came across the Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children’s Rights (KAACR) through his school’s Child’s Rights Club. KAACR is a long-standing Mission & Service global partner. When his parents were transferred to another district and he had to change schools, Emmanuel wrote to KAACR to get help in launching a new club.

Kenya has dire statistics on violence against children. Rape, abuse, and child labour occur widely in both rural and urban areas. For many young people, the situation is made worse by their inability to speak out at school or within their communities.

KAACR, a network organization established nearly two decades ago, serves as a platform for like-minded youth to engage in communications and advocacy on ending violence against children in Kenya. Using channels such as WhatsApp and social media, KAACR has reached at least 200 young men and women, many of whom have amazing stories to tell about their transformation. They share ideas and propel change at regional, national, and international levels. Their primary mandate is to champion children’s rights everywhere; they believe every child should be protected.

Emmanuel was so inspired by his experiences with KAACR that he launched the Child’s Rights Defenders Movement with other peers in 1999, which was hosted by KAACR. He later worked for KAACR as an advocate protecting girls from female genital mutilation and early marriage, and in general youth development work, where he coordinated Youth Employment Summit sessions in Kenya and throughout Africa.

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.


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