Lambeth United Church

From the United Church Observer:  10 Easy Ways to Kick our Nasty Plastic Habit

“Where the feeling of Being a community is very strong.”

4268 Colonel Talbot Road, London, Ontario N6P 1A2
10:30 Morning Worship & Sunday School
Staffed Nursery available during Worship

Minister: Rev. Matthew Penny
Youth Co-ordinator: Rebecca Allen
Church Secretary: Judy King
Organist: Alan Davidson
Parish Nurse: Jan Linner                                                                                                      Accessibility – Please enter at the south side of the church off of Beattie Street to access our lift.

       We Sing Thanksgiving!  From Moderator, Jordan Cantwell – Listen.

Rt. Rev. Jordan Cantwell is the 42nd moderator of The United Church of Canada

We Found Our Home

Our gifts for Mission & Service support community ministries across the country, including this one in North Bay, Ontario. The Community Homeownership Action Group Project, also known as HOAP, extends its heartfelt gratitude to the people of the United Church for continued support through a Mission & Service–funded mission support grant.

We are currently working with our 13th family to become stable homeowners. One family member shared with us this story: “When I was a child we moved constantly, never in one house for more than two years. Our son will have a solid home. His room will be his room. He will have roots that I never did. For me, having rented all my life, I have never felt at home in a place. Now I do.”

Another family shared their story: “When we found our home, we put in lots of hard work for renovations. With the help of Project HOAP and some great volunteers, we completed the renovations and were able to move in by early spring. We were worried about the house not being safe, but HOAP had lots of knowledge about what would be needed and took the time to explain everything to us. The program helped us to

purchase what we needed to complete the renovations…. It was fantastic to see the outcome.”

Alisha Matheny, coordinator of Project HOAP, says, “Families in our program are hard-working and motivated to accomplish the goal of homeownership; however, without our organization and the support we receive together from the United Church, the obstacles would be too great to overcome. It is a privilege to participate in a program that works alongside its participants to create meaningful change in their lives and our community.” Mission & Service makes this possible.

If Mission & Service giving is already a regular part of your life, thank you so much! If you have not given, please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of our Mission & Service.


         Watch the ‘Bells’ practise for our Sunday Service.

                  Sunday, July 22nd – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.

                  Sunday, July 29th – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.

                  Sunday, August 5th – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.

                  Sunday, August 12th – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.