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Faith Story

Many of us remember when Rev. Dr. Barry Moore and Alan Davidson presented Faith Story to us.  Many of us remember enjoying it and learning from it but 10 plus years erases a lot of details.  In a world where there is great division in the name of religion, it might be a good time to refresh your memory about the history behind the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths and how our different faiths are just 3 branches of the same family.  Some traditions differ but we all worship the same God.  You can listen to Faith Story through the ‘Links’ page and Alan Davidson still has copies of the CD available at $20.00 each.

Parish Advocate

We’re delighted to announce that our own, Jan Linner, took on the responsibilities of being LUC’s parish advocate as of September 1st.  In this role her email is  Jan’s lecture on stress and managing stress can be seen here.

Line Dancing Classes

Come out on Thursdays between 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. – cost $5.00.

Evening Speaker Series

Our last evening speaker series was a presentation by the Alzheimers Society of London & Middlesex on the topic of keeping our brains healthy plus an overview of Alzheimers disease and other dementias.  Watch for news of our next presentation.

Breakfast Presentations

On Sunday, May 28th at 9:00 a.m. our parish advocate, Jan Linner,  presented great info on Health and Wellness, discussed display boards received from Public Health Unit on Healthy Eating, Work/Life Balance & Physical Activities. Handouts, pamphlets and resources were available; also, info on Geriatric Health and resources available for care and caregivers, along with sources for Mental Health information.   Stay tuned for info on our next breakfast session in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.  

Family Movie Nights

July 28th – Moana.  Showtime is at 7:30 p.m. – admission is free and snacks are available for purchase.

Take A Break Trips

Baseball Trip – See Pam North or sign-up sheets on board in auditorium –

  1. Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers on Sunday, September 10th – $119.00
  2. Blue Jays vs New York Yankees on Sunday, September 24th – $119.00

There are a handful of seats left for the Grand River Cruises (Caledonia) on Wednesday, August 23 – $87.00.

From the United Church of Canada

A message from Moderator, Jordan Cantwell, regarding the 30th anniversary of the apology to the First Nations people by the United Church.

Read the entire message…

Fishing for the Future

Want to know more about the General Council’s decisions made at the 42nd General Council?  Watch Fishing for the Future.  Two notable corrections are that the ‘association of ministers’ is still in the studying phase and an ‘Aboriginal Ministries’ group does not need to be initiated as one already exists.

Extreme Hunger

The United Church of Canada is launching an Extreme Hunger Appeal as the humanitarian crisis in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen reaches grave levels.  Read more…  Donations made by June 25th will receive matching donations by the Canadian Government.

‘We Are Still Here’

Three elders from Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, and the Bjekwanong First Nation on Walpole Island, share their memories of surviving residential schools. Produced by the Right Relations Group of Lambton Presbytery, United Church of Canada.  Watch.

“Ageless Grace” Exercise Program

This is a seated fitness and wellness routine for people aged 55 and over.  It will not only provide you with a good but not too strenuous exercise routine but will be lots of fun as well. The cost is $2.00 per person per session to defray our costs.

Community Activity Board & Upcoming Events

LUC’s Communications & Marketing Committee is pleased to offer the use of our non-digital outdoor sign for use by local not-for-profit groups to assist is advertising their upcoming events.  Click here to learn more.

New Promotions for June!

Take a look at June’s FundScrip Promotions!  Take advantage of the Special Promotions running for June from Food Basics/ Metro and many of your favourite movie theatres.

 FundScrip Program

FundScrip is a fundraising program here at the Lambeth United. It encompasses the purchase of gift cards for major retailers and a rebate is paid back to the church. In a nutshell, by using pre-bought gift cards for some of your regular purchases, the program will give money back to Lambeth United Church! Free money!
Here is a video describing the program:

There are two order forms available:

Check out the FundSrcip website for more information: FundScrip


United Church Charitable Gift Annuities

United Church Charitable Gift Annuities allow you to dream a hopeful dream of surprising things. Below is a document with more information and some examples based on today’s rates.

United Church Charitable Gift Annuities