Lambeth United Church

“Where the feeling of being a community is very strong.”

4268 Colonel Talbot Road, London, Ontario
10:30 Morning Worship & Sunday School
Staffed Nursery available during Worship

Minister: Rev. Matthew Penny
Youth and Family Co-ordinator:
Church Secretary: Judy King
Organist: Alan Davidson
Parish Advocate: Jan Linner

Mission Statement

We believe that it is important for people to be a community and to have a sense of belonging. Therefore, it is the missional object of our Church to offer help and hope to people in our congregation, neighbourhood and far away, as exemplified in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to the members of Lambeth United Church for your Mission & Service contributions in 2016. Collectively we donated $22,116.00 for Mission & Service which is part of the $25,322,586.00 donated across Canada.

       We Sing Thanksgiving!  From Moderator, Jordan Cantwell – Listen.


Engaging Difference

Our gifts for Mission & Service support intercultural programs. Let us hear the story of the Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry program (DUIM).

God is calling us to find new ways of being church together.  It is not simply a matter of continuing with traditions we have become comfortable with and allowing others to join us. Rather, our intercultural vision calls us to be aware of who is at the centre and who is at the margins and to empower those at the margins to lead us into change.

The church’s intercultural vision is about more than inclusion – it’s about radical welcoming. When we affirm and welcome a variety of expressions of faith, it deepens our understanding of God and of one another.

DUIM is an interactive program for church leaders.  It is offered by our partner the Canadian Churches’ Forum and shaped, in part, by the United Church.  Bursaries are available for United Church participants to help offset program costs.

DUIM is offered in different locations across Canada several times throughout the year and is tailored to the intercultural realities of each local context.   Participants discover how to nurture faithful relationships across difference, gather insights on cultural relevance, and deepen understanding and awareness in their faith communities.

We sing thanksgiving that our gifts for Mission and Service this exciting time of Spirit-led questioning, experimenting and mutual learning.

In all our Mission & Service giving, with a willing heart, we sing thanksgiving to God!

“Perfect Little Thing”:  Our heart & Soul is Mission & Service.

          Sunday, August 13th Service – Listen/Follow along in the Bulletin.

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