Lambeth United Church


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“Where the feeling of being a community is very strong.”

4268 Colonel Talbot Road, London, Ontario N6P 1A2
10:30 Morning Worship & Sunday School
Staffed Nursery available during Worship

Minister: Rev. Matthew Penny
Youth Co-ordinator: Rebecca Allen
Church Secretary: Judy King
Organist: Alan Davidson
Parish Advocate: Jan Linner

Thank you to the members of Lambeth United Church for your Mission & Service contributions in 2016. Collectively we donated $22,116.00 for Mission & Service which is part of the $25,322,586.00 donated across Canada.

       We Sing Thanksgiving!  From Moderator, Jordan Cantwell – Listen.

Rt. Rev. Jordan Cantwell is the 42nd moderator of The United Church of Canada.

God’s World Needs Leaders

Our gifts for Mission & Service support theological education. Let us hear a reflection from
the Rev. Bronwyn Corlett, Ministry and Recruitment Program Coordinator, on what it means
to answer the call to ministry.
 Why do bad things happen to good people?
 What is the right way to grieve?
 How do we retell gospel stories in a responsible and inspiring way?
 What does it mean to offer a ministry of presence?
 Can you explain how Paul’s theology evolves throughout his letters?
 Can you explain how your own theology has evolved over the years?
These are just some of the questions theological education wrestles with. I know my biggest
take-away from my theological education was a deeper understanding of how little I knew
and the incredible importance of lifelong learning. Challenging assumptions and questioning
convictions helps to break open scripture and faith and bring the gospel to life. At other
times, the incredible wisdom of those who have come before shines through and lights up
the importance of understanding and respecting our history and tradition.
To deepen our awareness of what God is calling us to, we need to engage in theological
education to discern and deepen our understanding of what it means to be a part of the
body of Christ today.
We sing thanksgiving that our gifts support theological schools and education centres that
provide training and continuing education for all who are answering God’s call!
If Mission & Service is already a regular part of your giving, thank you so much! If you have
not given for Mission & Service, please join me in making Mission & Service a regular part of
your life of faith. In all our Mission & Service giving, with a willing heart, we sing
thanksgiving to God!
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“Perfect Little Thing”:  Our heart & Soul is Mission & Service.

         Watch the ‘Bells’ practise for our Sunday Service.

                 Sunday, March 18th Service – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.

                 Friday,  March 30th Service

                 Sunday, April 8th Service – Listen/Follow along in the bulletin.

                 Sunday, April 15th Service – Cancelled due to weather